Our products are made from Jute and Cotton. These are absolutely eco-friendly in nature. When you buy our products, you are doing a great service to the environment!


Our products are carefully priced to keep them affordable for everyone. We like everyone to benefit from our products.


Can Easily customize color of jute, Printing matters, Handle types, Protection, inside/outside Pockets etc. Size can be customized for every needs

Go Green

Lets Us Save The World Together, Never Use the Plastic Bags. Lets Cross Our Hands Together For Jute And Cotton Bags

Jute bags are 100% bio-degradable can replace 1000s of plastics every day. Jute bags are made from a vegetable fibre mainly farmed in India and cultured.

We Bag Wide Range of Jute Products To Select From

Below are our ranges of few of our product and thats not all, please send your designs or ideas to make it reality. We also mix cotton, kalamkari, JUCO with basic jute material to make it more trendy. We also holding licence to export your Jute to any country and we can make it hassle-free easy easy to your destination.


We manufacture a wide range of Promotional Bags with customizable designs. Several companies use these environment friendly bags for promotional purpose. These promotional bags can be used for branding of your company. Our ability to print anything in your bags serves a high quality marketing tool that could be used by your company. The promotional bags will increase brand exposure of your company.

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We manufacture a wide range of Shopping Bags with customizable designs. Shopping Bags can be made in various designs, with/without zip closure, jute handles/rope handles/bamboo handles etc. Any size and color is possible with our very large printing facility.

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Jute lunch bags are designed to carry lunch to office or a picnic etc. sized perfectly to carry tiffin boxes, water bottles. Also can be used as a grocery bag to buy small amount of vegetables, milk etc. Our company will customize the design for each of the bags according to client’s demand. Starting from the handles to the back support all will be customized exclusively for you. The cool bags also come in various fabrics and are trendy enough to go with the attire and mood of the customers.

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Tote bags are multipurpose bags which can be used to carry books, or other essentials. The canvas and jute tote bags are in trend nowadays and therefore, high in demand. The fashion bags are made of jute, canvas, or juco materials which makes it environment friendly. Tote and fashion bag can be customized in terms of style, shades, prints, and sizes as per the choice of the clients. We also manufacture and export fashionable tote bags with and without zipper to protect the items.

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We manufacture water bottle bags with customized printed as per the customer needs. Many wine bottle making company uses our jute promotional bags to promote their brands along with their wine bottle.

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Jute clutches are widely used along many women organisations as a free gift to their employees. Possible with any color jute and color print as per the customer need.

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jute file folders are widely used in many of the organisations during conferences of various topics, used to promote their company by printing their logo or company name. File folders comes in various designs starting from simple envelope to lace decorated hard file folders with the leaves inside.

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jute conference/Laptop bags are widely used in many of the organisations during conferences of various topics, used to promote their company by printing their logo or company name.

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How Jute Bags are Made

The process of making Jute bags

Jute Bag making process involves various simple processes, beginning from raw material purchase to finished product.


Firs step involves understanding customer requirement, planning for a raw material and procurement


Cutting of raw materials like Jute, Handle Ropes, Handle Tapes, Zip etc.


Then Comes Printing of the desired images in the cup pieces of the jute or cotton


Final step involves stitching various pieces into a bag, this may take various small parts first stitched and then finally putting together makes a perfect bag.


The Secret of Success

Quality control is not something that happen during dispatch of the product, our employees are trained to maintain the perfect quality in every stages of the bag making process. Starting right from purchasing a quality jute material without defect.

The final jute bag quality starts from selecting a perfect jute raw material for that particular project.

The perfect flawless jute bag are being filtered during cutting process, during cutting process we identify the defected pieces and eliminate them not to go for the further process

During stitching of the bag, we emphasize our masters not to stitch the bags if the material is not up-to mark

Final Quality Check: We have quality check group which check the perfectness of the product before it packs.

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